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15 Reasons Why You Should Read: LIVE And Not Die

Get your copy today.

Vicki L. Olton

If you have not gotten your copy of LIVE And Not Die: Your Loss Is Not The End; It’s Just The Beginning, then YOU NEED TO BUY IT RIGHT NOW!

Here is 15 reasons why:

You will learn:

  1.  You are not alone and experience healing after loss. We all have experienced loss and it can be so unexpected and devastating. I overcame and you too can overcome.
  2.  What is the best way to respond in the time of loss. Is it wise to be angry with God or ourselves? How should you feel and how should you respond to this feelings.
  3. How to to overcome the spiritual, emotional, physical torments that take place after experiencing loss. The resulting spiritual, emotional, physical and mental weights and pains that may be a result of the storm
  4. The importance of casting you burdens on the Lord
  5. The importance of following God’s…

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The Prayer of Purpose: Shew Me Thy Ways…

Vicki L. Olton

As you pursue God for divine purpose, let your prayer be based on Psalm 25:4

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FREE Webinar: Marketing the Business God has Given You

On Saturday, April 8, 2017, our President and Founder will be hosting a FREE WEBINAR on how to develop a marketing plan for the business that God has given to you. Don't miss this! He has given you the business, you... Continue Reading →

Birthing what God has Placed in You – Show #6

Today's radio programme focused on the importance of a midwife: Every Elisha needs an Elijah. Click here to access the recording. Let us know what you think.

Birthing what God has Placed in You – Radio Show #5

  On today's radio show we talked about the purpose killers:  jealousy and envy. If you missed today's show, ckick here to listen. Also take a look at some strategies for overcoming these spirits.

Overcoming the Dangerous Emotions of Jealousy and Envy

Tomorrow at 6PM EST we will be live on Life 97.5FM in Barbados, talking about jealousy and envy.  Stay tuned to hear us on the programme: Birthing what God has Placed in You. Jealousy and Envy are both killers of purpose.... Continue Reading →

The Waiting Process: Operating in God’s Calling & Timing

As we wind down the elevation series, we move on to the wait which takes place before the pilot launches the airplane. There are so many reasons why God wants us to wait before launching into purpose and Guest blogger Sandra Ngonidzashe Mboweni shares some of these reasons with you. **** As the aircraft (you) gets ready for the take off the pilot (God) puts the airplane in reverse and, take note, he S-L-O-W-L-Y takes the aircraft down the run way. There is no rush. While doing this the pilot is making some chess, communicating with the passengers or the hostess and putting things in order. The air hostesses at this point may still be in the process of hurriedly trying to share the emergency procedures with the passengers, and once this is done everyone must be seated with fastened seat belts, ready for take off. If all is well, the pilot will immediately turn the plane in the opposite direction for the acceleration. But...sometimes there may be a pause. Why? The pilot may be doing some last minute checks to make sure that all is well before take off/making some last minute preparations because people's lives are in his hands. OR The control tower may have informed the pilot to WAIT before launching the plane for take off because another aircraft is approaching for landing. What happens when God tells us to wait before launching into purpose or receiving our blessing? Guest blogger Sandra Ngonidzashe Mboweni shares the Waiting Process.

Birthing what God has Placed in You – Radio Show #4

Birthing what God has Placed in you will require you to overcome fear. You are full of purpose and you know. God is pulling you forward but your eyes are on the spirit of fear who is lying to you.... Continue Reading →

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