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Purpose, Balance and True Beauty in Christ

Being Well Prepared for Emergency is Pivotal to Your Launching Process

As you prepare for the take off into divine purpose in 2017, God wants to prepare you for the eventuality of disaster. We talked before of being prepared and taught by the Holy Spirit through the Word of God. In... Continue Reading →


The Purpose of the Wait

The Board of Directors of Mission Inside Our,  wishes to thank all those who attended the recently hosted seminar: The Purpose of the Wait on February 4,2017. The event was indeed a success. Visit our Facebook page to view pics and videos... Continue Reading →

Load Your Airplane with the Right Passengers

Before preparing for elevation, there are a number of things which happens in an airplane. One of those things is the process of loading the airplane with passengers. Consider an airplane bounded for England from Barbados. There is no way that... Continue Reading →

Birthing what God Has Placed in You – Radio Show #3

If you missed Saturday's show, here is the repeat. Just click here!

Allow God to Refuel Your Airplane for the Elevation in 2017

If you didn't know before, let me tell you now:  "2017 is your year of Elevation" God is about to do something great in your life and cause you to soar into your purpose. Walking in purpose is pivotal because the... Continue Reading →

The Elevation Series

Mission Inside Out officially launches: The Elevation Series: Soaring in 2017   Why the Elevation Series? At the end of 2016, the Holy Spirit kept saying the word "ELEVATION" to me. It was so strong and consistent. I entered 2017 and the... Continue Reading →

Birthing what God Has Placed in You – Radio Show #2

If you missed Saturday's show, here is the repeat. Just click here!

Join us Live on Radio tonight @ 7PM

Join us at 7PM tonight LIVE on Life 97.5FM. Just click here to access the radio station online.    

The Rahab Story: “The Purpose of the Woman”

Despite who Rahab was, God uses her to show that the woman is called to hide the man from the enemy and this hiding means "to pray". So many women these days are seen exposing men before the enemy, by simply not praying for them. The men are called to be spiritual leaders, so the devil already has tabs out of the men, but like Rahab, the woman is called to cover the man and hide him (in prayer) from the enemy. It didn't have anything to do with being married nor being a help meet, because Rahab wasn't married per se, but she was a woman who understood her role and the link to Israel's destiny and God's divine purpose.

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