In 2017 the word of the Lord to His people is “walk in the calling that you have been called to walk in”.

Mission Inside Out’s aim for 2017 is to help people walk in the divine purpose that they have been created to walk in.

No more can it be business as usual, but a time for divine action. No longer can we do what others want us to do, be in places where others want us to be in and be everything that people want us to be….We have to do the perfect will of God.

The year 2017 is about doing what God has created us to do and nothing else and Mission Inside oUt is here to help you do just that.

In 2017 we wil be launching a number of different series, hosting a number of events and publishing materials to help you birth what God has placed in you.

Your anointing is your baby and you will not lose it in 2017, it will come to time, it will be born and it will grow to effect great change in your world.