If you are looking for a real hair cleanser for natural or relaxed hair, the aloe vera plant always does well. 

aloe plant

When I was very young my dad would use this very slimy and bitter-tasting plant as a cleanser before the shampoo for my hair. I had very thick and long natural hair and because it was so much to handle, it took a man to comb and work through all that hair.

He would pick a stalk of about 10-12 inches, peel off the hard skin with a knife, then he would slice off the clear gel inside and place it in a bowl and pound it with a piece of wood in a bowl for about ten minutes.

This would create a very thick and slimy gel, somewhat with a slight foamy look, which he would the work through my scalp and hair and then comb through.


Once he worked the allow vera through my entire hair, he would wash it out and then shampoo it.

Now that I am much older with relaxed hair, I recently realised that I was losing some hair at the hairline. In the same area there was a very aggressive itch with a slight burn. This is not the first time I had this kind of itching scalp which was diagnosed as alopecia by the dermatologist, but it was the first time it was in a place so visible; at the hairline and someone how it felt more irritating than any scalp irritation I had in the past.

As I laid on my bed on Jan 1, 2014 wondering what I should do, the thought of the Aloe Vera plant came to my mind instantly. Mind you, I have not used that on my hair for over 15 years, and my mind was really far from the plan. I was actually thinking about which doctor I would go to, but thank God for the Holy Spirit bringing it to mind. Immediately I got up and it was if someone was hurrying me to get the plant to rub on the area. As I obeyed the prompting of the Holy Spirit, I picked a small stalk and rubbed the gel from the plant onto the irritated and itchy spot. It burned a little, but I believed the results would have been good.. After about 5-10 minutes I washed it out and for two days there was no itch in the area. I then reapplied on the following Sunday and again received great relief.

I am again amazed at this and many other plants which God has given us as healing balms for our body.

Of course I have implemented prayer because with God all things are possible and we must  pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17) and have been experiencing significant growth on the hairline within a matter of 5 days. Prophet Belfield Belgrave of Church of Signs & Wonders International in Barbados prayed for me and I immediately witnessed growth. In His ministry great miracles are seen and this was one that immediately I saw and felt as I pulled my hair at the hairline and realised that it has immediately gotten thicker and a little longer at the hairline. Since then growth has continued (photos to be posted soon).

Here is some information on the Aloe Vera plant as a soother for Itchy Scalps:


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This information is not meant to be a diagnosis to any scalp or other issues. You should always consult your physician if conditions continue after one or two days of implementing natural remedies and no positive change has occurred.