Mission Inside Out officially launches:

The Elevation Series: Soaring in 2017



Why the Elevation Series?

At the end of 2016, the Holy Spirit kept saying the word “ELEVATION” to me.

It was so strong and consistent. I entered 2017 and the same word kept playing in my spirit for the entire first week of the year.  The Holy Spirit led me to the airport to look at the airplanes on the first day of the year and I observed so much as they prepared to launch into the air. He showed me that our lives can be easily related to the elevation an airplane. What He zeroed in on though was the process, which took place before the elevation of the airplane as follows:

  1. We go through a Process of Preparing for the ELEVATION:
  • The Fueling Process: The plane has to be refueled/fueled before the engine is started, security checks and engineering checks have to made.
  • The Loading Process: The plane has to be loaded (or filled with people before taking off)
  • Preparing for Emergency: After being loaded there are some procedures that the airline staff have to go through before taking off. They talk about the seat belt, they show you the emergency exits, they prepare you for an emergency.
  • The Prelaunch Glide: The pilot cruises down the runway slowly preparing the plane for the take off.
  • The Waiting Process: The pilot has to stop the plane as it makes the turn to go in the opposite direction for acceleration (sometimes this pause is for the pilot to make his last minute checks, or there is communication with the tower for the plane to wait until another plane lands for it can take off) – There is almost always this waiting process whenever I travel. On other occasions, the pilot just makes the turn to prepare for acceleration in the opposite direction, up the runway). By this time all the air hostesses would have finished preparing for any eventualities of loss of cabin pressure, crashes etc.

         2. We then Experience The ELEVATION

  • The Launch of the Airplane: The pilot makes the turn into the opposite direction on the runway, accelerates the plane, launches and elevates the plane. The pilot pulls the plane up and take you higher into realms that you could have never reached (above the clouds), if it had not been for him nor her ensuring all was well before the take off.

What is elevation about?

Our lives are so similar to the airplane as we prepare for elevation in ministry.  The elevation is therefore about being elevated by God/ Being taken to the next level by God to walk in the calling that you have been created to walk in (to walk in purpose)

Our Heavenly Father is the Pilot, we are the airplane and the destination is purpose. Soaring in 2017 will call for us to be prepared and lifted up/elevated by God and not ourselves; it will call for a preparation period and then will God take us up.

This blog series will address each of the five steps outlined above and how God wishes to help us navigate each in order to prepare for the sixth step which is elevation into purpose.


Stay tuned for the first post.