If you didn’t know before, let me tell you now:

 “2017 is your year of Elevation”

God is about to do something great in your life and cause you to soar into your purpose.

Walking in purpose is pivotal because the coming of the Lord is near and we must be ready in this season as His soldiers to do the thing which He has created us to do.

Gone are the days of wasting time and being placed into molds that He did not create us to be forced into.

Now is the time to walk in purpose; now is the time to be prepared so that we can be elevated and soar into purpose in 2017.


Preparing for the ELEVATION means  recognizing that first of foremost that there is a refueling/fueling process that God wants to take you through

On most occasions, before a plane takes off it is always refueled. The plane is never refueled half way, but rather to its capacity. This does not mean that without the refueling it can’t take off but chances are if the British Airways plane from Barbados to England is not refueled to its capacity before taking off, it may not reach its destination.

Yes, you have been working for him for a while and doing a lot but now is the time that He wants you to come away from it all and be refueled so that you can be prepared to take off to the next destination. This next destination is an unknown place and your tank has to be filled to capacity by Him in order for you to reach there. Being half filled may cause problems, so He wants to fill you to capacity.

Similarly, you are headed to a destination, but God wants to refuel you with his word and His holy Spirit in order for you to reach your destination i.e. walk in the purpose He has called you to walk in.

The word of God is like a fuel and by extension we are filled with His spirit because the word is God. Not only filled with the word of God, but filled with the fruit of the spirit. God wants in this season to begin to pour His fuel into you so that you can be prepared for the next level of ministry.

Know that there is a deeper level of knowledge, wisdom and understanding that God has for you in 2017 and in order for Him to pour this into you, you must come away from all distractions and allow Him to fuel you.

There is a destination that God wants to take you to but you can’t get there without huddling under His wings in this season to be taught by Him for the next level.

The word says: Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. (Psalm 119:105)

This same word He wants to refuel you with in this season so that your feet can be guided down the right path for the purpose that He has called you to in 2017.


Allow God to refuel your airplane for the Elevation in 2017.