Last Friday our Founder & President, Vicki Olton in her other capacity as Managing Director of Effective Marketing Solutions, had the opportunity to facilitate a session at the JCI Barbados 56th Annual National Convention: Be Your Own Chief Executive Officer: Becoming a Balanced and Better You.

The seminar was targeted to business professionals around the Caribbean and focused on showing the conference delegates how to manage themselves. Managing oneself begins with having a vision for your life; whether it be financially, socially, physically or spiritually, and knowing how to obtain the vision which has been set.

The aim was to teach the delegates how to develop their very own strategic marketing plan, which included developing personal mission and vision statements, performing a personal brand audit, developing personal goals and strategies and lastly, how to perform a review of their success.

One of the most important aspects of the presentation focused on helping the delegates understand the importance of purpose in relation to vision. Without understanding your divine purpose in life then it is almost unclear where you should head and what personal goals should be set.

The session was well-received by the delegates and of course, our team looks forward to many such presentations in the future.

Here are some photos from the event:


Presenting on the Bridge of Vision

Discovering Your Purpose.jpg

Discovering Purpose

Upgrading Your Professional Image .jpgUpgrading Your Professional Image/ Developing Your Personal Branding Statement

Personal Brand Statement Presentations.jpg

Delegates Presenting Their Personal Brand Statements

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