If you tell me that you don’t have a past, I would probably tell you that the truth is not in you…All of us have some kind of a past; some darker than others. We have made some kind of mistake or the other. So there is a past…

Very often when we make mistakes, we beat up ourselves. We look at them and we resent that they ever happened, but I am here today to tell you take another look at all that has happened in your past. Some things you may not be too proud of and others may have happened by no fault of yours, but they happened.

Two things to remember:

  1. Failures, falls, and mistakes serve as learning opportunities. They are there to show us how not to fall again; how not to fall in the same traps over and over again. They teach us what to do and what not to do in the future should such circumstances arise again.
  2. Your failures, falls and mistakes also serve as benchmarks and testimonies for strengthening others. How else would we know how to tell another lady or guy to avoid certain things, if we did not experience them?

See your past as your catalyst for a GREAT future.

Your past serves as your training ground and as you learn, only a GREAT future is ahead of you.

Let me ask you this question: Had it not happened, would you be where you are today?