I continue to talk about true beauty.

How many times have we allowed words to shape pur perception of ourselves?

Words like: you will never amount to nothing, no man will ever want you, your nose is too big, you are ugly, you are too dark, you are too hairy, your head is too big…. continue to  make us feel less than worthy and beautiful enough.

Let me tell you today that the devil is a liar from the pit of hell. You are worth it! In fact you are worth more than rubbies.

Man looks at the outer but God looks at the heart. True beauty starts in the heart. Start to love God so much that His entire nature and character fills your heart.

Don’t continue to live in the bed of past words spoken over your life. The plans that God has for you are much greater.

What you heard in the past does not define who you are nor who you are called to be.