LOOK LIKE the the blessed Queen that God has made you to be
Not only are your words a testimony, but your overall appearance is also a testimony of the goodness and blessings of God.
I recently realized that as Christians we do everything possible to obey God to a “T” (as Barbadians say). In other words, we do everything to make sure that we do “all” of what the Word of God says. We give to the poor, we bind up the broken hearted, we fast and pray, we visit the imprisoned, we love our neighbors as ourselves and everything else that’s good in the sight of the Lord…
All of this is GREAT, and I am sure that your crown is laid up for you in Heaven, but… What about you?
Are you kind to you?
Do you take care of you?
Do you remember to bless you? 
Really and truly, we don’t accurately follow the Word of God when we neglect ourselves.
We are the blessings of God. We are called to act, talk, walk and LOOK LIKE A BLESSING.
Your Issue:
God blesses you with some money every month. You pay your tithes, you bless your sisters and brothers who are in need, you pay your bills, but in the midst of being a blessing, you forget to bless yourself. You even save some of what God has blessed you with, but you never take the moment to treat yourself. On a monthly basis, you do this over and over and over. Six months pass…, a year, two year passes and you still have not done anything for yourself. Your birthday comes yearly, and you don’t even buy anything for yourself.
Does this scenario sound familiar?
We take care of everyone around us and often neglect ourselves. We spend our money on everyone else but we buy nothing for ourselves.
We then look in the mirror and wonder who is the person on the other side. And yes, the enemy laughs at us when we get to this point, because he recognizes the imbalance in our lives as Christians. He recognizes that we love everyone else but ourselves and brings us to a point where we get disgusted with ourselves and christian lives.
The Solution: 
It’s time to STOP IT!
  • LOOK LIKE the the queen God has made you to be.
  • Taking care of your physical body inside->out demonstrates the goodness of God.
  • Your words a testimony, but your overall appearance is also a testimony of the glory and blessings of God.
Don’t get me wrong, blessing others is a great thing and God definitely wants us to think of others before ourselves, but remember we have to take care of us too.
God wants you to take care of the body and life that he has given you. He has blessed so many of us beyond what we ever imagined, but we forget the smaller things in life, like taking care of our nails, skin, taking care of our health, exercising, taking care of our hair….and the list goes on.  When we neglect these things, sickness and other attacks come upon us that could have been avoided.
I have recognized recently that the simple things like exercising, getting a manicure and pedicure and getting an eyebrow wax actually makes you feel pretty. When you see how physically beautiful you are, you feel good.
How about treating yourself to your favorite sushi roll and just doing something that you enjoy?
Bless someone and take them along with you while you get your hair done, but ladies, treat yourself like the queen that God created you to be.