I’m back!

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t blogged in a while. It’s because 2015 was a busy year of field ministry for me. In addition to that, there was a season of practical learning which God allowed me to go through so that I could know Him in a more intimate way. That season was one where God wanted me focused on Him and Him alone. Like any other student, it wasn’t always easy and I didn’t  always pass my tests, but I stuck in there with God. I learned nevertheless and at the beginning of 2016 I can say I have matured significantly.

Throughout the lessons of 2015, I also realized that there was a number of things which I just had to leave right there in 2015 because where God plans to take me in 2016 did not permit me to take them with me.

There was a lot of introspection in 2015 and I realized that I was carrying some attitudes, thoughts and perceptions that just could not help me accomplish the new things which God will do in my life in 2016. So I had to make a decision to leave them..I had to make a decision to let go.

There were things that God had to show me and allow me to go through so that I could understand certain ways about His character as well as understand His voice.

All in all, over the last’s year, I became a better minister, a better child of God, and still there is more for me to learn.

Now it’s 2016…It’s a New Year…and New Beginnings for me!

There is indeed something significant about this time of year. It is always a season when God does something marvelous in my life or launches me into something greater than I ever imagined and experienced the year before. My 2015 lessons were God’s launching pad for 2016 and I can’t wait to see what He has in store for me.

I just want to encourage you today to let 2016 be a new beginning for you as well. Leave all the pain and hurt, disappointments and rejection of the past year where they belong…IN THE PAST.

Many of your dreams and prophetic words spoken over your life in the past will come to pass in 2016 as you leave the old man, old ways and old thoughts where they belong; in the past.

You will be GREATER than what you were in 2015. You will be STRONGER.  You will ACCOMPLISH more in 2016 that you have ever accomplished before in any other year. You will be even more SUCCESSFUL in 2016!

It’s a New Year…New Beginnings!

Happy New Year! Happy New Beginnings from the Inside Out Mission.