Don’t get into the habit of thinking that you are just the way that God wants you to be and nothing nor anyone in this world will change you.

In fact that’s one of the worst statements that you can ever make in your life. Why? If you serve the same Almighty God and Creator of this earth, who I serve, then improvement should be your middle name, for God is indeed a God of improvement.

In order to improve, you have to implement some level of change.

God wants us to be better than what we were yesterday. None of us are perfect, so you better believe that there is something in us that can be changed. That’s why He gives us experiences or interactions with others to show us where we lack or rather, to show us the things in us which need to change.

When you look back at yesterday, I am sure that there is something that you could have done differently or something that could have been said differently. Think about it…

It’s all in an effort to getting to the place where God wants you to be. It’s time to improve. It’s time to change!

Change is good!

God bless you!