This is the final part of the “A Better You” series.

I am going to flip the switch a bit and talk about “the best man you could ever have.”

For me that man is JESUS.

Don’t get scared, I’m not one of those girls who thinks a man should be brushed aside and believe that if I have Jesus I don’t need a man…NO NO NO…So if any of you ladies are thinking like that, your thoughts are truly out of balance and it’s definitely time for the kind of mind-change, which Paul suggested in Romans 12:2.

Why Jesus?

He’s the revealer of my purpose.

One of the most important factors in becoming a better and more purposeful person is firstly understanding what you are called to be or to do. Besides things like getting married and procreation, do you know what is your God-given purpose here on this earth?

Who best to go to in order to discover your purpose?  None other but, JESUS.

Spending time in fellowship with the Holy Spirit has been a very important aspect of my journey. It is during this quiet time with God that He teaches me things about His character. It is during these quiet times that I really learn about me. It is through developing relationship with God that He has spoken to me clearly about my calling here on this earth as His minister and He also wants to speaks to you!

God wants to reveal things to you, so get closer to God and let Him reveal His purpose for your life!