I can boldly say that over the last seven years of being a Christian, placing all my cares upon the Lord has made a significant difference in my life. Giving it all to God has truly brought peace to so many areas of my life; areas that I never imagined would be so peaceful today.

I can boldly say that there is no turning back!

I want to encourage you today to place your life in God’s hands. It will make a difference as you turn over all your worries, situations, doubts and even questions to Him. Once you give Him all, and wait on Him, He will give you the answer at the appointed time.

The answer seldom comes in our timing, but God decides when it is best to get the answer. If He tells you now, chances are, you would reject it. So wait on the Lord!

Understand that God uses the waiting period to strengthen us as we pray and seek after Him. Then…when the timing is right, He reveals.