Image Consultant, Shawna Rowena really did a great job yesterday at the Personal Styling seminar which she hosted here in Barbados. It was truly an amazing experience to hear and learn about how you can develop your own personal style.

Shawna began by saying that we are all simply beautiful because God made us.  She made reference to Genesis 1 when God made the earth and said that it was good. If the world was created by God and He called it good, we are also God’s good creations, since He also made us.

She spoke about our uniqueness through the different facial structures and body types and as she spoke, I realized that all of us are indeed truly beautiful in our own way.  God made us so unique and because He made us so “good”, I declare that it is  high time that we truly love our bodies and the uniqueness that makes us who we are.

God does not make garbage, so start seeing the beauty in you! 

There is absolutely nothing wrong in looking good. There is nothing wrong with getting dolled up. After all, as chosen people, we need to maintain God’s “good” standard inside->out.

Remember..God did a “good” thing when He created you!

You are beautiful!


Thank You Shawna Rowena