We talk alot about living a balanced life as a Christian. We recently came across the FITtrepreneur 360° approach by Bajan Fusion. What an awesome move Celia Collymore has been making in Barbados to bring our entrepreneurs into balance in their businesses and in the lives overall.

Many of us as Christians understand the concept of working hard, but we don’t seem to understand that our God is a God of balance.

We seem to forget that we need to take care of our bodies, spirits and souls and that’s just what FITtrepreneur is all about; creating a fit mindset through building your corporate brand and a healthy body.

What is FITtrepreneur?

FITtrepreneur is a 360° approach to developing your business and moving your brand forward. It reaches out to the entrepreneurial community to not only celebrate their business accomplishments, but to understand the importance of adopting a fit mindset to succeed in business while discovering new ways of enjoying a balanced and healthy livelihood.

We envision that FITtrepreneur will become a movement, a community, a lifestyle, an identity for entrepreneurs who aspire to be successful and are on a mission to fulfill their vision. We see this initiative as a way to bring businesses into balance (spiritually, mentally, physically, and financially) by creating opportunities that are practical, economical, visible, beneficial and sustainable for all involved.

Check out this article which talks all about the FITtrepreneur 360°  approach http://dazzlebarbados.com/making-fit-business-2/
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It’s all about being a #fitvessel for Christ.