Think about a square peg being pushed into a round hole…

Think about a puzzle piece being forced into a space that it doesn’t belong…

Imagine trying to squeeze yourself into a baby’s diaper.

I think you get the picture… None of these things neither look nor feel right nor comfortable.

Whenever we as Christians find ourselves in places that we don’t belong, there is measure of discomfort. Whenever you find ourselves being pushed into moulds that we don’t belong in, something tells us it is not right. Whenever we find ourselves doing things that we should not do, we feel something in our spirit that does not seem right. God made us all for specific purposes and to fulfill specific missions.  So whenever we are not walking in His full purpose for outlives there will be discomfort, there will be uneasiness and it just will not feel right.

My question to you this morning is: Are you doing what you are called to do?

Are you fulfilling the purpose that you have been placed on this earth to fulfill?

One thing I know is that when you are fully walking in God’s purpose you will feel a peace in your life like never before.

When you fit into the hole that you have been shaped to fit into naturally, you will know, because your spirit will be at peace.

Think about it like this: every time you go out side the will of God, you feel confused and out of place. At that point, outside of God’s will, you simply feel and know that you are not walking right.

On the other hand, when you begin to walk the walk and talk the talk that you have been created for, the Holy Spirit, which brings peace, will be a sign in your life and your entire life will be at peace. At this stage in your life when you embrace purpose, you feel a sense of belonging and confirmation as the Holy Spirit witnesses His peace to you!

The real truth is this: Once you are in alignment with God’s will for your life, the Holy Spirit which is peace, will confirm and you will know that you are doing what is right.

Walk in Purpose and Receive the Peace of God!