…and No one Can Prove Me Wrong

If this is what you have been saying to yourself for the past few years, months, weeks, days or even hours.I am here to tell you today that…I UNDERSTAND.

Today it’s not my goal to tell you that you are wrong for thinking this way (at least not yet!!!), but I want to tell you that I understand.

Chances are, you have grown up in situations where family members don’t like you. Chances are your mother told you that she wish she never had you and that she should have gotten rid of you when your father left her. She/he spent years telling you that you are just like your worthless father/mother. Don’t forget the teachers and other authoritative figures who told you that you would never amount to anything.

You were told by your grandmother that your parents are nothing and you will never amount to be nothing. Your husband or wife tells you that you can never do anything right and not to mention your boss you reaffirms all this childhood negativity when he/she tells you that you are not good enough for the position that you acted in for sooo many years before they dedicated to officially hire someone for the position. It was said so often, that you have come to a point to believe and confess:

Yes, I am Useless and No On can Prove me Wrong.

Today, I am also talking to you, who is even in church and your pastor never sees you as good enough to take on the role that even God has called you to take on. He/she only chooses the ones with money and academic titles behind their name because they are better able to administer, plan and make things happen!!!

I understand…because at some point in my life, someone has tried to tell me who I was supposed to be.

I understand…because at some point, someone tried to say brand me with their interpretation of what they thought about me.

I understand…because I have been there and God has delivered me from people and things from my past which wanted me to think that was useless. You too can receive a new life.

You too can view yourself as valuable, powerful and USEFUL in this world today.

IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND…Though people brand you, God made you and not man. So any other voice which does not coincide with the voice of God which says you are special, needs to be ignored.


A Better You

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