From a very young age the scripture Luke 1:37 has also been my root for doing everything. I have never done something without having the FAITH AND DETERMINATION that I WILL GET IT DONE.  Luke 1:37 says:

For with God nothing shall be impossible.

Here’s my story:

For the last four months I have been working on my maintaining great health and fitness. I started off by changing my diet and eventually I started a strict diet plan in an effort to lose weight and ACHIEVE a specific weight goal. I  was DETERMINED and continued to eat the most natural and best things with little or no sugar and fat and I was able to achieve.

After realising that I felt better and was feeling healthier, I started to exercise. I started the plank challenge along with my colleague at work. Though it was hard to do, I was DETERMINED to have a flat stomach so I did the challenge for 30 weeks and ooooh did  it make a difference. From starting day one with 20 seconds, I did 30 days and ended with the goal of being able to plank for 5 mins straight. I was DETERMINED to be healthy and fit.

I wanted to start running so in order to reach that goal, I started to walk every morning. Every day I would increase the distance. Eventually I added a short distance of running and every time I would INCREASE the distance I ran while walking for a period as well. Eventually I decided that with God on my side and being DETERMINED  to reach my goal I increased my running. Now I am able to run for at least half an hour, with the ultimate goal of running for one hour without stopping.

Today I give thanks to God because without Him I would not be able to reach the goals which I set out for my life. I never forget to pray and ask God for the strength to get every exercise done. I always remember that my body is God’s vessel and I have to take care of what I put in it as well as how I treat it in general.

I now remain DETERMINED to reach all the goals I set in my life and I will reach each and every one of them because…I AM DETERMINE and “with God nothing shall be impossible”.

What’s that thing that you want to do, but seem to never be able to get done?

What’s that goal that you want to achieve, but somehow something gets in the way to prevent you from achieving?

What that thing that you need to reach and just can’t reach it?

Let today be the end of everything that is stopping you from achieving. Simply believe in God, press forward, push, pray, BE DETERMINED to reach your goal and watch your situation change.