What do you think is true beauty?

I see beauty a little different.

For me:

  • Beauty for me means living on purpose.
  • Beaty means the ability to  effectively take great care of your spirit, soul and body for the ultimate purpose of pleasing God.
  • Beauty is about being whole in Christ and paying attention to each of these parts which make up who we are.

In order to take care of your spirit, soul and body the way God wants  you have to pay close attention to reading His Word and living by the Word of God. As you do this, you get closer to God and understand what he expects on the spiritual, soul and physical levels. As you get closer and closer to God you get more and more like Him who is the All-Beautful One. As you get more like God in nature, you begin to walk more effectively in greater purpose because He is the one leading your way.

Beauty is living  for God totally, being transformed to be more like Jesus and of course living your full purpose in the process. Some people have the body covered but their spirit and soul have dwindled. Others read and study the word, and forget that their vessel needs to be cherished in order to be fit for use.

Tell us what you think? We can’t wait to see your comments.