Mission Inside Out has been created for you!

Why was this project started?

After being sick for five and a half weeks with bronchitis, I had the opportunity to spend lots of time with God. I got a chance to realise that I was not taking care of my body. Yes I spent lots of time serving in the church. I read my Bible every day but I wasn’t even taking care of my health. I was sooo focused on God that I really wasn’t focused on God (If you get what I mean).

During the whole sickness by body hurt so much. My body was weak so all I could focus on while getting better with medication was that I needed to be strengthened physically. The Lord immediately revealed to me that I was not treating my body right based on all the snacks and cakes that I had been eating on a daily basis.

I began eating differently. I decided to eat more fruit and  vegetables. I decided to cut my portions and I started to get better. It was at that time that the Holy Spirit revealed Mission Inside Out to me. He revealed that we need to be “whole” and “healthy” christians in body, spirit and soul. Any misalignment in these areas can place us out of sync with the true purpose of God for our lives.

During the sickness, the Holy Spirit spoke to me about the vessel. My vessel is His and it must be fit for God’s use so once I was getting better I started exercising. I began light walking on the beach and every week I would get better until one Saturday morning, I started to jog. After the jog I felt so good in my body. I actually felt lighter than I have ever felt in my life.

Running is something that hated to do, even from my childhood. I just hated running and here I was at age 30 doing something that I hated for such a long time but is really really good for me maintaining a whole vessel as a christian.

Many people don’t know, but I have a passion for missions and my new found life of health and fitness in Christ is preparing me for the field. How can I be on the field and not be healthy. I imagine long periods of working with God’s people and the horrible state of my health six months ago just would not cut it for me if I really want to be effective in executing my God-given purpose.

In addition to exercising, I began to look at the things which I put on my skin. The Lord started to reveal lots of things about nature. I started to discover herbs which I started to use for tea to help my respiratory system. I discovered natural oils for healthy hair and skin and my life has never been the same.

Some people never understand, but God is concerned about the entire state of our vessel (spiritually & physically).

Stay tuned! I want to share with you all that the Holy Spirit has been teaching me about being a whole christian!

Happy 2015!!!